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Valentine's Day - What a Waste

Who: Jacob, Corvus, and others, open
Where: Lower commons
When: Thursday, after dinner

Status: Completed
Summary: A group of boys alone in the lower commons decide to try to play some games. Autumn makes a brief appearance, but decides to leave when they break out the exploding snap cards. Kaden inadvertently comes out to Corvus while they're walking to go get the aforementioned snap cards. Logan walks Autumn to the library, and Autumn decides she likes the Beauxbatons champion better than the Durmstrang one. When Alex and Kaden engage in a game of chess with the stipulation that the loser has to preform a dare, Alex has to run to the library in his boxers. Upon their return, Kaden offers to complete Alex's proposed dare for him, and he kisses Corvus before the party breaks up and the boys retreat to their given rooms.

Jake kind of wondered how much of a refuge the lower commons would actually be. How many of the couples, really, were going to actually pay attention to the signs on the door and in the common rooms?

He'd been pleased to see the sign - he was kind of getting really sick of that French couple that was always snogging in their common room. Didn't they have anything better to do?

Either way, he made his way in with a stack of books after dinner. He noticed a few other people there, and he announced: "you all damn well better be single," before he sat down on one of the couches.

"Why?" Corvus inquired from where he was sprawled across an armchair. "You looking for some lovin' Flint?" He grinned and waggled his brows at Jacob.

"Not from you, Corner," Jake shot back, but he grinned, too. He'd always thought that Corvus should've been a Slytherin, but ... well, he was a 'puff. Jake still thought he was an okay guy. "But speaking of lovin', you haven't noticed anyone snogging in here, have you?"

"I haven't been looking," Corvus quipped with a grin. "But so far, no."

"Good," Jake decided, settling in to do some homework. Or ... think about doing homework, anyway.


"I'm sure not. I mean ... Autumn was there," Corvus pointed out as he stepped into the relatively quiet lower commons. "We've returned!" he declared, lifting his arms in a gesture of victory.

"Took you long enough, Corner," Jake quipped, a grin curving his own lips.
Logan leaned back in his seat and turned his head at the announcement. "Zat did take a bit, but at least we now 'ave somezing to do." He hadn't played anything besides quidditch, so it would prove to be interesting.

Once Kaden was close enough, he handed the deck to Alex. "See...brand new...never opened." He flashed Alex a smile, and glanced around at the others.
"Bite it, Flint," Corvus replied before he crossed over to flop down on his couch.

Alex grinned over to Kaden. "Excellent." He glanced over to Autumn. "Last chance," he warned her, brows waggling a little.

She shook her head, but if they were seriously going to play, she'd suck it up and head to the library. And it looked like they were going to. No, thanks.

Standing up, she headed toward the door. "Good luck with your ... party," she replied, offering a wave before she started out.

"Aw, you guys, you scared her off," Jake teased them before he moved to clear a spot on the floor. Sure, you could play on a table, but playing on the floor let you throw the cards down harder.
Logan pondered things for a moment. He then got up and called after Autumn, "Want some company? I'm not much for playing this sort of game." He got up, hoping that she would allow him to join her.

Kaden took a seat near Alex, and just watched and waited.
"Um." She was a little apprehensive, and she probably was reading too much into it, but Hans had sort of gotten to her ... and now she was wrongly assuming they were all like that. "If you'd like," she said before she gestured a little. "I was just going to go to the library."

Alex grinned as he watched Logan head off after Autumn. "Ah, love on love day," he teased, not really expecting a response from ... well, anyone.

Jake laughed, shaking his head. "Please. I don't even think she has a heart," he pointed out before he gestured for Alex to toss him the deck. Once he had it, he opened it and started dealing out the cards.

"So, are we playing rules, no rules, who can make the most noise..?" Corvus asked as he took the cards being dealt to him.

"We'll go with most noise," Jake decided with a grin. He rather liked when multiple cards snapped at the same time.
"Sounds fine to me," replied Logan. "I need to get some reading done, anyway." He picked up his book and then made his way to Autumn, smiling lightly.

Kaden had no idea what was really going on. "Um...what exactly are we doing? I've never done this before."
Alex grinned over to Kaden. "We are playing cards," he said simply.

Corvus laughed. "The cards explode," he started to explain. "There're actual rules, somewhere, but no one ever plays by 'em," he continued. "We mostly play with the cards to see if we can get them to snap, or set off a reaction and snap a bunch of 'em," he concluded.

"No points or anything," Jake said.

"We could play with points. Kaden could keep score. He's a 'claw."

"No points," Jake repeated with a grin.

Autumn nodded to Logan. So far though, this was working out all right. If he just wanted to read in her presence, that was great. "Library's a good place for it," she said before she started down the hall, her robes swishing lightly around her legs.
Kaden had wanted to see the game played properly, but Jake seemed rather adamant about "no points." He let our a sigh and leaned over to Alex, "So could you explain what is suppose to be happening?" He was truly lost.

Logan quietly walked next to Autumn, not really sure of what to say. He didn't want to upset her, so he just settled for walking in silence, allowing her to start up conversation, if she wanted to.
Alex wasn't sure how to make it any clearer. "We ... take turns throwing cards onto a pile on the floor?" he offered, sort of helplessly. "And the point is getting them to make a lot of noise?"

Jake ran his hand over his mouth to try to wipe away the grin. "And I thought 'claws were smart," he teased a little.

Autumn glanced over to Logan as they walked along. "So, how do you like it here so far?" she offered kind of lamely, mostly for the sake of making conversation.
"Oh..." Kaden said, and began to blush for seeming a bit dumb. Jake's comment didn't help. He fell silent and just waited for whatever to happen.

Logan thought for a moment. "It's okay, I zink. Zeh 'alls confuse me zough, since I am not used to zem. Zeh people seem nice, too." He paused, before asking, "What do you zink of 'aving us, foreigners?"
Jake grinned as he dropped the remainder of the deck in a loose pile on the floor. "Ready?" He grinned to the other wizards before he threw down his own card, much harder than necessary, and sighed when it didn't snap.

Cor laughed. "After all that," he teased before he flicked one of his onto the pile. No snap for him either. "Third time's a charm?" he suggested, glancing over to Kaden.

"The halls confuse some third years," Autumn pointed out. "Doesn't help that the stairs move and there are secret passage shortcuts to different places," she said. Maybe adopting a 'tour guide' mode wouldn't be a bad idea.

"Most of your lot are all right," she said cautiously. "I think we've got a couple of bad eggs in our house," she reflected, thinking about Hans, "but for the most part, you're all right."
The lack of snapping made Kaden nervous, and he looked down at the "pile" nervously. After a moment of hesitation, he mimicked the other two and threw his card down. Once again, the cards failed to make a sound...however, it could have been from the weak throw. Kaden raised his eyebrow and shrugged, "Hmmm...maybe my deck is defective?"

"Bad eggs? So, you 'ave met my brozzer zen?" teased Logan. Of course, his brother had been rather troublesome, since their arrival. "But zeh moving stairs do make zing difficult."
"Nah," Alex said before he flicked his card down, and two of the cards snapped. "It's just fine. Jake and Cor just don't know how to throw."

"Bite it," Jake muttered before he flicked his own card down. It snapped, but none of the others did.

"Is that any way to talk to your teammate?" Corvus quipped before he flipped down his card ... though there was no snap this time.

"He talks to me like that all the time," Alex teased. "He calls it morale boosting. It just makes me feel sad." Alex made a sad face, though he grinned with Corvus and Jake laughed.

Autumn shook her head. "We've got the Durmstrang kids in our house. So ... unless your brother goes there, then ... I don't think I'd've met him." She paused. "Though I think I did hear Tris telling Landon about ... an incident." She wasn't sure if he was inclined to talk about said incident, and she really hadn't been listening that closely.
Kaden was getting amused just listening to the others pick at each other. When is was his turn, he flicked down a card, but with no sound. He sighed, and hoped that he'd eventually get better.

"Tris...as in Tristan. 'e was around when my brozzer broke my nose...'e 'elped me out, and accompanied me to the zeh hospital wing. Nice guy." Not the ideal way to meet someone, but Tristan was a pretty good guy, from what Logan could tell. "But my nose was fixed, as you can see...no marks." He pointed at his nose and then grinned.
"So what do we do after this?" Alex asked as he flicked down a card to be greeted only by the sound of the card hitting the pile; no snap.

"That would take planning," Corvus pointed out, grinning as he watched Jake flick down a card before following up with his own.

"And we don't plan," Jake replied, leaning back a little as Cor's card snapped.

"You think that might've been part of the problem?" Alex teased them.

"Yeah, speaking of planning...what about you, Thompson? I didn't see an activities list for this get together."

"We're not supposed to be an activities place. Just ... a place to hang out. Jeeze, Flint. You know me. I can't think that far ahead."

"Tristan," she confirmed with a nod. "He's pretty helpful. Fairly outspoken, but not really in a bad way." She glanced over to Logan's nose, smiling. "Our healer's really good," she agreed. "Not that I've had to go there much, but the guys seem to be ... fans." Autumn smirked, because she knew full well that the guys weren't going there for Ashley's healing skills.
"It would have been smart of us to plan out things to do though," admitted Kaden. He then flicked another card down, finally getting a "snap." He couldn't help but smile at his achievement. "I guess I'll have to keep that in mind for next year."

Logan nodded in agreement to what Autumn was saying. "She is good at what she does. May I ask? What kind of reading do you 'ave to do?"
"You can probably get Flint to help you out next year. Or Cor. They'll both be here."

"Are you trying to say I can't get a date?" Jake said, brows elevating as he reached across to pluck one of Alex's cards from his hand to toss it onto the pile. He followed it with one of his own.

"If the shoe fits," Corvus teased. "I know I can't get a date. I mean, you can only piss off so many people ..." he said with a little laugh.

"Mmm. I don't actually have any I have to do. I'm fairly well caught up with my studies," Autumn admitted. "I might read ahead for Defense Against the Dark Arts though." She glanced over to him. "What about you?"
"I'll just have to wait and see who is single and who isn't. I won't condemn anyone to help out, since it is a year away, anyhow." He then glanced at Corvus and Jake, "I'm sure you'll be able to find someone...both of you."

"I'm just brushing up on my English, mostly. Nozzing amazing," Logan explained. "Just trying to get better at reading zeh language."
Jake shrugged. Whether he could or not, he didn't care. He had a few girls he could snog when the mood took him. "I don't think I want a committment anyway," he said, gathering up the cards to redeal them.

"Yeah, because just think, if you were committed, you wouldn't be having all this fun with us," Alex quipped, taking the cards he was dealt.

"Well, that's admirable," Autumn said. "One of the Durmstrang girls in our house ... is either antisocial to the point of non-communication, or she doesn't know the language well." Of course, Astrid was kind of scary, so Autumn had no interest in talking to her, anyway ... but still.
"Sank you." Logan then pondered the anti-social Durmstrang girl, "Maybe she is just...shy, but I guess she could be anti-social." He hadn't really met any of the Durmstrang students, so try as he might, he couldn't think of who Autumn was talking about.

"Okay...not that I want to tear us away from such a riveting time, but does anyone else have something else we could do. I don't care what, really...just something fun." Kaden had grown impatient and somewhat bored with the game of Exploding Snap (due mainly cause they were just throwing the cards for the sake of throwing them).
"Yeah, I ... don't think she's shy," Autumn said, a faint grin on her lip. Anyone with glares like that was not shy. "She doesn't act shy, anyway," she ammended before she turned down the hall toward the library.

"Nope," Jake said as he flipped a card. "The other options are homework, outside, or gobstones, and I don't feel like getting sprayed with gunk."

"We could go fly. Pickup game or something?" Corvus suggested. "I could probably tear Rion away from Aisling for that."

"That would fall under outside," Jake pointed out.

"And Kaden's not a fan," Alex said before he flipped his card down. "Besides, it's dark."

"Yeah, and you've never played in the dark," Jake teased him before he fixed his gaze on Kaden. "Guess that makes it your turn to come up with something."
"Well, maybe you just need to get to know 'er, and maybe she will come around. Right?" Logan liked to hope for the best when it came to people, but some just never "came around." He glanced around, recognizing the hall, "We are almost zere...no?"

Kaden didn't know about many games. "The only games that I know about are the lame ones...like 'Truth or Dare.' I hardly doubt this is the time to play such games anyway."
Jake laughed. "Depending on how you play it, Truth or Dare can be fun."

Alex shook his head. "If we're going to play your way, I want more girls involved," he said with a grin. "'cause I don't want to be dared to snog you or something," he continued to elaborate, so Kaden would have an idea of how Jake played.

"C'mon. In the spirt of the day, what's wrong with a little snogging?" Jake pressed, a grin on his lips.

Corvus kind of laughed, but ... he wasn't against snogging any of the boys present, so he had no protest.

"Maybe, but a few people have made an effort to get to know her, and have been ignored or shot down or sneered at. So, I think I'll save my breath and ... just keep ignoring her."

Autumn nodded to his question. "Almost there," she said, gesturing to a corner. "Just around that."
Kaden didn't know what to say, so he stayed silent and thought the idea over. "Well...I'm down as long as things don't get too outrageous...and as long as what happens stays between us." He didn't really want rumors/stories being spread about him, but the game could prove to be fun.

"I 'ope zings work out with zat fellow student," said Logan with a small smirk. As he walked, he tripped over his own feet, but managed to 'catch' himself. He let out a sigh of relief, "Zat was close." He was slightly embarrassed by his clumsiness.
"Keep things between us in a public room where anyone could walk in?" Alex pointed out. "Or peek through the window?" He grinned. "Not happenin'."

Jake laughed softly. "Man's got a point. So, we can see if there's a hiding spot that people aren't snogging in, or we can not worry too much about what people think," he offered as a compromise.

Autumn glanced over to Logan when he stumbled. "Let's hope you walk better during the task," she teased, just a little, letting the topic of Astrid drop.

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