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xthrough_glassx in hp_reflected

Roaming through the courtyard.

Who: Bri, open.
When: Saturday after lunch.
Where: The courtyard.

Status: In Progress.
Summary: Not yet, but I'm baaaaaaack! :D ..come play?

The closer Tri-Wizard grew, the more nervous Bri found herself to be. Sighing, she paced back and forth in the courtyard, switching between kicking some rocks and running his hands through her hair. In the beginning she was scared, but had accepted it. But now that it was almost there, all the questions came back again. What if she loses? What if she gets killed? What's gonna happen to Angie?

Ugh, in a time like this she wished she smoked, just so she could steal a cigarette from Jake.

She sat on one of the benches, crossing her arms over her chest and crossing her legs, shaking her foot around as she focused her attention on the scenary around her to take her mind off of it.


He'd reasoned he might find her out here, and Jake wasn't surprised to. "You know, you're going to freeze something off if you sit out here," he commented casually before he plunked down beside her.

He pulled a book out of his robes, handing it over to her. It was a fairly battered, well-worn, dog-eared copy of a book called Magical Creatures: Taming, Training, or Avoiding. "Hagrid said you forgot it last time you had his class," he said, though his brows elevated and he grinned a little.

To be perfectly honest, he wasn't sure she even took the class. He did know, however, that it was not a school-assigned book, because he'd never seen it before, and he was taking the class. "Which," he continued, "I'm fairly sure is a lie."

So it stood to reason to him, that someone was trying to help her get ahead for the Tournament.
Bri took the book from him and examined it carefully. Instead of commenting, since she knew it wasn't her book by all means, she decided to flip through the pages.

"It's not that cold out here. You're just a pansy," she grinned.
"Oh, I'm a pansy, am I?" he asked before he slung an arm around her shoulders. "What are you doing out here, anyway?" he inquired as he lightly tugged her closer, playfully, ready to release her if she wasn't inclined.
"Yes, you are if you can't handle just a bit of cold," she kept her grin and rested her head on his shoulder, sighing. The grin disappeared and she shrugged a little.

"I'm just anxious, you know? A lot of questions are running through my mind right now."
"Hm," Jake said, rubbing her shoulder a little as he kept his arm around her. "Anything I can help you with? I hear snogging is the most common answer to any question," he began, teasingly waggling his brows. "It's a pretty big sacrifice on my part, but I'd be willing to help you out that way," he continued, his grin broadening.
"Ugh! Excuse me? A big sacrifice on your part?" She looked up at him, doing her damndest to not laugh at him. "What about my part? My dignity? I mean, just the thought of it...." she shuddered against him, but looked up at him, grinning again.

But something did catch her curiosity. They had heard that snogging and sex does help to relieve stress.

Er. Not that she wanted to sleep with Jake of course.
"What about my reputation?" Jake countered. "I mean, if I snog you, the other champions will want some snogging, and if you haven't noticed? They're boys."

He sighed dramatically. "But it's just as well that you don't want to snog me. I'd probably catch cooties or something," he teased her playfully. He really was trying to get her to relax, and who didn't love a goofball?
"Mmm," she shook her head and picked up a blade of grass. "I'm shocked you haven't caught any cooties from other girls you've snogged."
"Well, I have, and let me tell you, I think Miss Legard is starting to disbelieve my cooties excuse every time I go up there to get 'cured'," he admitted with a little laugh. "I think pretty soon she's going to stop treating me all together."
"I think she's starting to figure out that all of you boys go up there just to flirt with her," she shook her head. "Besides -- even if you did have to snog me, I guess I could share you with the other champions. They probably wouldn't tell the difference if we put a wig on you, added a dress, some make-up, oh! And a decent sized rack, of course." Examining him from up and down, she nodded.
"Wait," he said. "Are you saying I look like a chick, or that the other champions are too stupid to figure out chicks don't have cocks?" He paused. "Because if it's the first one, I'm gonna have to walk away, Bri."
"Well, maybe the other champions may not even like girls. So, we could always try the boy approach." she studied him again. "You're not that ugly, so... I guess when I'm done with you, I can send you their way," she winked up at him.

...was she flirting and joking?
"I'm not that ugly," he repeated. "I'll have you know, there are girls in this school who would be thrilled to have a chance to snog me, so I can't possibly be ugly at all," he said, perfectly aware his logic was full of holes.

"And the point was I don't want to snog the champions, so I don't know why you're trying to send me to them. Unless you're that eager to get rid of me."
"I'm not trying to get rid of you. I was just saying we should offer the same services to the other champions," she added a shrug. Sighing, she pulled away from him, hugging her knees to herself.

"Besides, I was joking. You're not that ugly, and I don't know nor care the other champions preferences. I would, however, like to know what they're weak and strong points are. Get to know your enemy, right?"
"Find out who they're friendly with ... and try to be a better friend to see if you can get anything out of them," he suggested. "Or ask the observant people if they've noticed anything."

He let his arm fall back to his side once she'd pulled away, though he did watch her to make sure she was all right. "You'll do fine, you know," he said quietly.
"Well, the french boy'll probably be easy enough to talk to. I think. But that Durmstrang kid... I don't know. He seems too reserved," she stretched and sighed and glanced back at him. "You know, you're not as much of a hard-ass as everyone thinks you are. If I didn't know any better, I might say you... actually care. Which I appreciate."
"Fuck, Bri. Don't say that where people can hear you," he teased, shouldering her lightly. "Of course I care," he said quietly. "You have to bring glory to the Slytherins. So you have to win," he grinned.
Running her hands through her hair and staring at the strands she raised her eyebrows. "Ah, and there's the pressure again. I'll do my best, I promise."

Deciding that she'd regret doing this, she glanced around to see if anyone was watching. When she decided that there was no one, to her knowledge at least, she leaned over and gave him a quick kiss on his cheek to say thank you and patted his shoulder, grinning.

"Looks like you need to go see Miss Legard now, hm?"
Jake laughed. "I was going to head up there, anyway," he said, waggling his eyebrows teasingly. "Don't forget your book. I'm not tracking you down again," he playfully threatened her.
Bri shook her head and laughed softly. After glancing over the book again, she wacked him in the head playfully. "Be careful. Someone may think you're a stalker." She stood up and brushed the grass from her clothes, stepping around him to head back to the commons and glance through the book. She was very fortunate to have people looking out for her.
Blake exited the Great Hall still chewing on an apple he swiped from the dinner table. It had become habit for him to do so. As he noisily bit into the apple, he had decided on getting some fresh air. The boy figured that he'd spent enough time hiding from his brother inside, although he wasn't really hiding anymore, that some time outside would be good.

As he exited the school, the cool air bit at his face. He slightly cringed for a moment before forgetting about the coolness. He had noticed a pair of people talking, or something. Not really caring about them, he stayed in his spot near the door and took a deep breath of the cool air.
Once she walked away from Jake, she had already opened the book and began examining it. So far, so good...

Why is it that one creature stood out in her mind? The more the read the name, the more and more Bri felt like something was letting her know that it had to do with the first task.


With her nose in the book (for a change) she stepped into the door, stepping onto the foot of someone standing in the way. She glanced up to see who was standing in her way. One of the foreign kids... and who's name she didn't bother to remember. But why be rude?

"Er. Sorry."
Blake had been lost in his thoughts when the Hogwarts' champion stepped on his foot. He frowned slightly at her, but it went away when she apologized. "Don't worry about it...not a big deal."

He was going leave it at that before adding, "Make sure you beat my brozzer."

March 2008

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