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Mar. 1st, 2008



The First Task

Who: Champions
When: Saturday, March 1st
Where: Quidditch Pitch

Status: In progress
Summary: To follow

The day dawned cloudy ...Collapse )

Feb. 22nd, 2008

tris oh yeah?


Looking for Logan

Who: Tristan, Belle, open to anyone but poking Logan
Where: Hallway outside the Slytherin commons
When: Friday after classes

Status: Completed
Summary: Thinking he'd be doing him a favor, Tristan seeks out Logan to tell him what he found in the forest. However, upon hearing that Logan doesn't want to know, Tristan does not tell him. Instead, the boys retreat to the astronomy tower where they talk. The conversation ventures into deeper waters after Tristan suffers a little from the pull of the moon. He confesses his werewolf status to Logan, and the conversation drifts to that for a bit before turning to brothers. Blake shows up at the tower and Logan speaks with him alone while Tristan waits downstairs. The conversation was upsetting to Logan, who breaks a chair after Blake leaves. Tristan attempts to comfort Logan, but his particular brand of humor doesn't fit the situation, so he leaves Logan alone with a promise he can talk to him later if he needs to.

Well, it was a tradition, wasn't it?Collapse )

Feb. 21st, 2008

tris wolfed


Full Discovery

Who: Tris, open to wolves
Where: Forbidden forest
When: Thursday night

Status: In progress
Summary: Forthcoming

He'd never seen one of those before...Collapse )

Feb. 20th, 2008




What: Announcements posted in the Great Hall, each commons, lower commons, and in most classrooms

No More QuidditchCollapse )
Default / Moon


Happy Birthday, Jake!

Who: Jake, open
Where: Slytherin table
When: Thursday morning, breakfast

Status: Completed
Summary: Jake's birthday present arrives, and despite his efforts to hide what he's doing, Albus noses into his business, which seems to invite Isabelle and Bri to have a conversation with them. Albus leaves after an implied threat. Eager to escape before word gets out it's his birthday, Jake tries to leave, but Isabelle calls (loudly) a happy birthday after him.

He'd so been hoping they would have forgottenCollapse )

Feb. 19th, 2008


Late night snack?

Who: Rose, open.
When: Tuesday night, after curfew.
Where: The stair cases.

Okay, so maybe she didn't need to skip any more meals...Collapse )


Gryffindor celebration~!

Who: Roxie, open to Gryffindor people.
Where: Gryffindor Commons.
When: After the match against 'puff.

Status: Complete.
Summary: Aisling and Roxie talk about the match, and are joined by Hugo, which Roxie goes into tormenting immediately about Meghan, and Cassi joins the conversation, and when she comes around, Roxie decides to find her foreign friend.

Oh, yeah!Collapse )

Feb. 16th, 2008


Roaming through the courtyard.

Who: Bri, open.
When: Saturday after lunch.
Where: The courtyard.

Status: In Progress.
Summary: Not yet, but I'm baaaaaaack! :D ..come play?

Tri-Wizard was getting closer and closer...Collapse )

Feb. 14th, 2008

Default / Moon


Valentine's Day - What a Waste

Who: Jacob, Corvus, and others, open
Where: Lower commons
When: Thursday, after dinner

Status: Completed
Summary: A group of boys alone in the lower commons decide to try to play some games. Autumn makes a brief appearance, but decides to leave when they break out the exploding snap cards. Kaden inadvertently comes out to Corvus while they're walking to go get the aforementioned snap cards. Logan walks Autumn to the library, and Autumn decides she likes the Beauxbatons champion better than the Durmstrang one. When Alex and Kaden engage in a game of chess with the stipulation that the loser has to preform a dare, Alex has to run to the library in his boxers. Upon their return, Kaden offers to complete Alex's proposed dare for him, and he kisses Corvus before the party breaks up and the boys retreat to their given rooms.

He would've thought of this, if he'd known it was allowedCollapse )
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What: Fliers posted in each commons and on the door of the lower commons (group commons, common commons, whichever)

FliersCollapse )

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