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gilted_effigy in hp_reflected

Valentine's Day - What a Waste

Who: Jacob, Corvus, and others, open
Where: Lower commons
When: Thursday, after dinner

Status: Completed
Summary: A group of boys alone in the lower commons decide to try to play some games. Autumn makes a brief appearance, but decides to leave when they break out the exploding snap cards. Kaden inadvertently comes out to Corvus while they're walking to go get the aforementioned snap cards. Logan walks Autumn to the library, and Autumn decides she likes the Beauxbatons champion better than the Durmstrang one. When Alex and Kaden engage in a game of chess with the stipulation that the loser has to preform a dare, Alex has to run to the library in his boxers. Upon their return, Kaden offers to complete Alex's proposed dare for him, and he kisses Corvus before the party breaks up and the boys retreat to their given rooms.

Jake kind of wondered how much of a refuge the lower commons would actually be. How many of the couples, really, were going to actually pay attention to the signs on the door and in the common rooms?

He'd been pleased to see the sign - he was kind of getting really sick of that French couple that was always snogging in their common room. Didn't they have anything better to do?

Either way, he made his way in with a stack of books after dinner. He noticed a few other people there, and he announced: "you all damn well better be single," before he sat down on one of the couches.

"Why?" Corvus inquired from where he was sprawled across an armchair. "You looking for some lovin' Flint?" He grinned and waggled his brows at Jacob.

"Not from you, Corner," Jake shot back, but he grinned, too. He'd always thought that Corvus should've been a Slytherin, but ... well, he was a 'puff. Jake still thought he was an okay guy. "But speaking of lovin', you haven't noticed anyone snogging in here, have you?"

"I haven't been looking," Corvus quipped with a grin. "But so far, no."

"Good," Jake decided, settling in to do some homework. Or ... think about doing homework, anyway.


Logan wasn't any good at talking to girls, so he had merely smiled at her reply. He caught her smile before returning his attention to the guys. They seemed to like arguing a lot, and it wouldn't make things fun, if it continued. He was about to speak, when Kaden beat him to the punch.

"Sheesh, guys...come on. Stop all this immaturity, we are trying to have fun here, not start fights." Kaden then stood up, "You know what...I think I have a brand-new deck of Exploding Snap. My parents hoped that I would like it, but its been in my trunk for a while. Someone want to come with me to get it?" He'd really have to rummage through his trunk, but he knew that it was with his things.
"Kay, that's...completely normal for them," Alex said, though he had to grin a little. He supposed from someone who didn't know the boys taht well ... it would look like the start of a fight. "They know where the lines are." He reached over to pat his friend's thigh, grinning.

"Wait. There're lines?" Jake grinned, his eyes straying toward Autumn briefly, but...well, she was a frigid bitch and not even worth teasing.

"There were. I think they're behind you now," Corvus quipped back before glancing over to Kaden. "I think the only one of us that could go is Autumn, and that'd raise some eyebrows," he grinned.

"Autumn is not terribly interested in going anywhere," she volunteered without looking up from her book. "And good luck getting past Madison if you try to bring someone else up there," she offered/warned, glancing toward Kaden.

"I can walk you to the door," Alex offered with a grin. "But I'm not going in. Madison scares me."
"Well, I didn't mean to imply that whoever accompanied me would be entering. It's just kind of a long, boring walk, and wanted some company." He then looked at Alex, "I think you should stay here, since we are the ones hosting this event, it would be weird for both of us to be gone. So...any other takers?" Kaden really had no idea about Madison, so he couldn't really worry.

Kaden then processed what Corvus had said and turned to him, "Wait...what do you mean that going with Autumn would raise eyebrows?" He was now confused.
There was a little moment of silence before Jake rolled his eyes. "He means Autumn's a frigid bitch, and she doesn't go anywhere with boys," he declared, flashing a grin over at the other 'claw.

Autumn pulled her wand, and pointed it at him. "Flint, you're walking a thin line."

"No, he already crossed it," Corvus reminded her, though he thought that was awfully ballsy of Jake to say where Autumn could hear and hex.

Jake grinned. "Like he said, pretty sure I already crossed it."

Alex grinned over to Kaden. "Are you sure you want me to stay here? I might be hexed when you get back." He wasn't sure if he thought that was brave or really, really stupid of Jake.

Cor stood up, and stretched. He'd been here for a while. "I'll go," he said with a shrug. "We can bet how badly transfigured Jake's going to be when we get back," he offered to Kaden.
There was so much hostility in the room that Kaden was glad that Corvus volunteered. "Okay, then, let's go." He quickly put his homework (study things) in his bag, stood up and led the way out of the room. He hoped that Corvus would be interesting to talk to.

Logan was starting to feel a bit awkward with all the tension that seemed to be building up in the room. However, it was starting to amuse him. Just as long as it didn't involve him or get out of hand. He watched as Kaden headed for the door, in somewhat of a hurry. He guessed that the boy was uneasy with all the "arguing."
Corvus followed after Kaden, and after a moment said, "she probably won't actually hex him," in case Kaden was concerned about it. "I mean." He shrugged, shoving his hands into his pockets. "We all fuck around like that. No one really gets hurt, or anything. Rion thinks it's stupid, but...he's more mature than us." Cor wasn't sure if Kaden knew Orion, but figured he'd put it together, since they were twins.

Autumn shook her head and slipped her wand away. Flint wasn't worth it. Her eyes flicked back to the Beauxbatons champion, regarding him curiously before she returned her eyes to her book.

"See?" Jake said. "Not even worth the trouble of teasing." He sighed. "You know who's fun to tease? Your cousin."

"Oh, shut up, Flint," Autumn muttered, rolling her eyes again.

Alex grinned, glancing toward the door, but Kaden and Corvus were gone. Well, maybe they'd have an interesting walk. He could hope, right?
As Kaden listened to Corvus talk, he adjusted his bag on his shoulder. "I don't know who Rion is, but I'm beginning to agree with him," teased Kaden. If that was the way the lot got along, then whatever, he figured. He wasn't going to impose on their idea of "fun."

Logan glanced around at the others for a moment, wondering if he should say something. "So..." he said, pausing for a bit before continuing, "Is z'ere anysing we can do...while we wait?" He glanced at Autumn, adding, "I'm sure zat you are welcome to join us as well, miss."
"How do you not know anyone in your house?" Corvus asked curiously. "I mean, Orion's not Mr. Social, but he's kind of hard to miss." But then, he supposed maybe some people were just that antisocial. But wouldn't he at least know his name? "Y'know, what with him being a prefect and all..."

Corvus trailed off and shrugged, because he supposed he didn't really care. But he thought that would be kind of like being a 'puff and not knowing who Brenna was. It was just weird to him.

"We can count the cracks in the ceiling," Jake suggested. "They are coming back, right? I mean, they're not going to ditch us for something more fun?"

Autumn stared over at Jake. "What could possibly be more fun than hanging out with you, Jake?"

Alex grinned, but managed not to laugh ... though it was close. He flicked his gaze to Logan before he shrugged. "We could probably do anything you wanted to, if you had a suggestion. I don't think we really intended this to be ... an organized party or anything. We just wanted to keep the snoggers out."
"I just don't talk to anyone...and I didn't start being social until I met Alex over this past break." He shrugged, the name "Orion" did sound familiar, but that was about it. "I just like to keep to myself, and stay focused on my schoolwork. So, my room is where I spend a lot of my time. I have heard Orion's name, but I've never talked to the guy."

Logan glanced around after Alex responded. "Well, zere aren't snoggers in here...zen again, zere isn't much of anyone here." He then glanced to the ceiling, trying to see the cracks. "I don't know of any games...sorry."
"Sounds like you and Rion could be buddies," Corvus grinned. "He's a little fixated on the schoolwork, too. Which is good for me. I wouldn't have anyone to copy off of if he didn't."

He exhaled, then glanced over to Kaden curiously for a moment before returning his attention to where they were going.

"C'mon, man. Everyone knows some games," Jake pressed.

"By the time you figure something out, they'll be back," Autumn pointed out. Sure, it was a trek back to the tower, but it wasn't that far. She shook her head and returned her attention to her book. "So my suggestion for a game is read quietly until they're back."

Yeah. Good luck with that.

"Pass," Alex decided. "Reading quietly is for ... 'claws." He grinned before he fished a rubber ball out of his pocket, tossing it up and catching it.
"I'm not fixated on doing schoolwork, it's just that I don't have anything else to do. I don't have any friends...besides, Alex...and I am not a Quidditch fan...I guess, I'm just that weird." Kaden frowned at himself, he was being quite down considering that they were suppose to be having a good time. "Sorry for being such a downer...I promise I'll stop." He glanced over at Corvus, wondering what the other boy thought of him.

"Zeh only games I 'ave played are chess and quidditch. My brozzer knows more games zan I." Of course, his brother was still acting like a prick towards him, and never stayed in the same room long, unless it was for a class.

Logan turned his attention to Autumn, "Sorry, if we are bozzering you, miss." He eve threw in a half-smile.
"Oh, no. I signed up for this when I came in," Autumn assured Logan. "I know I can leave if you lot get out of hand," she said, smiliing faintly in return.

Alex grinned. "Yeah, so, why did you come in, Miss McKimmon?"

"She's a glutton for punishment, clearly," Jake replied, corking his ink and closing his book. If they were actually going to have a game...well, homework could definitely wait.

Corvus nodded a little as he listened to Kaden. He couldn't imagine not being a quidditch fan ... even his kid sister was into quidditch. Well, kind of. She watched and cheered for them, anyway.

He shrugged when Kaden said he was being a downer. "No skin off my nose," he said. "You can be as down as you want to be." He grinned, and then tried not to tack on the dirty joke that had popped up with that thought. It probably wasn't right to scar people like that.
"Oh." was all that Logan could say in return to Autumn's remark. He then leaned closer to hear her response of why she decided to attend the "event."

Kaden smirked, "I'm trying to be excited and cheery today, despite the whole being single thing. Whatever...so, why did you decide to come to the little shin-dig? I'm a host so I was obligated to attend...but not really. I guess I just like hanging out with Alex, for the most part. He has a way of making me laugh."
"Honestly? Because Hans is up in our commons, and this room was closer than the library." She shrugged her shoulders. "And if this was a singles only event, then I didn't need to worry about people getting half naked in my presence."

Alex snickered. "You know you just set Jake up to strip, right?"

Autumn sighed. "As long as he's not snogging and groping ..."

Corvus shrugged to Kaden. "I dunno. Because I'm technically single, I guess. Seemed like if I was going to meet anyone, there'd be the place to do it." He laughed a little, shaking his head. "So ... Alex. Are you and he ... uh. Just friends?" He would assume so, but he wasn't sure; something about the way Kaden talked about him hinted they were possibly more.

But maybe that was his skewed take on things. Lately, he thought he was reading a little too much into ... everything.
"What?!" exclaimed Kaden, "Umm...yeah...we are...just friends." He hadn't noticed that until just then, he spoke of Alex like he had a crush on him, and he didn't...did he? It didn't matter anyway, Alex was straight (unless he lied about that). Kaden blushed and turned away from Corvus, 'Crap, does he know my secret now?' he thought, in somewhat of a panic. He wasn't sure if he was ready for more people to know about his sexuality, especially someone he didn't know. Of course, that was what happened with Alex. 'I have to change the subject,' Kaden concluded.

"So...about that last Quidditch match?" It was a bad choice, but it was too late to take it back.

"If 'e is going to start stripping, zan I zink I shall depart," joked Logan. However, he would leave if stripping started to happen. It wouldn't be good if others found out that the Beauxbaton 'champion' partook in a strip session.

March 2008

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