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gilted_effigy in hp_reflected

Valentine's Day - What a Waste

Who: Jacob, Corvus, and others, open
Where: Lower commons
When: Thursday, after dinner

Status: Completed
Summary: A group of boys alone in the lower commons decide to try to play some games. Autumn makes a brief appearance, but decides to leave when they break out the exploding snap cards. Kaden inadvertently comes out to Corvus while they're walking to go get the aforementioned snap cards. Logan walks Autumn to the library, and Autumn decides she likes the Beauxbatons champion better than the Durmstrang one. When Alex and Kaden engage in a game of chess with the stipulation that the loser has to preform a dare, Alex has to run to the library in his boxers. Upon their return, Kaden offers to complete Alex's proposed dare for him, and he kisses Corvus before the party breaks up and the boys retreat to their given rooms.

Jake kind of wondered how much of a refuge the lower commons would actually be. How many of the couples, really, were going to actually pay attention to the signs on the door and in the common rooms?

He'd been pleased to see the sign - he was kind of getting really sick of that French couple that was always snogging in their common room. Didn't they have anything better to do?

Either way, he made his way in with a stack of books after dinner. He noticed a few other people there, and he announced: "you all damn well better be single," before he sat down on one of the couches.

"Why?" Corvus inquired from where he was sprawled across an armchair. "You looking for some lovin' Flint?" He grinned and waggled his brows at Jacob.

"Not from you, Corner," Jake shot back, but he grinned, too. He'd always thought that Corvus should've been a Slytherin, but ... well, he was a 'puff. Jake still thought he was an okay guy. "But speaking of lovin', you haven't noticed anyone snogging in here, have you?"

"I haven't been looking," Corvus quipped with a grin. "But so far, no."

"Good," Jake decided, settling in to do some homework. Or ... think about doing homework, anyway.


"All the way to the library, huh?" he glanced over to Kaden, crossing his arms over his chest to rub his upper arms. "Sure you don't want to change the destination or anything? To ... maybe somewhere closer?" He paused. "Do I actually have to go in, or is just going to the door fine?"
"Just to the door. Going inside may get us caught, and that is what we want to avoid. Hopefully, we can avoid any staff members, or prefects." He stretched his legs slightly. "Well...then...on the count of three, then?" He smirked and continued, "One...two...three!"
Alex laughed before he started running on the count of three. The stone floor felt weird under his bare feet, and his traction wasn't as good. "If I fall flat on my face, you're in so much trouble," he teasingly threatened as he ran easily alongside Kaden.
Kaden let out a small laugh, and shook his head, as he ran next to Alex. "If you fall, that would be your own fall." Although, inwardly, he hoped that the boy wouldn't fall, if Alex did fall, the dare would end then and there.
"How would it be my fault?" Alex asked before he ducked down a hallway toward the library. Man, it seemed so far away ... but so far, he was lucky and the halls were quiet. "I mean, I didn't dare me to strip and run through the halls."

At least there weren't any stairs though. Those would trip him up for sure.
"You knew what was at stake when before you played the game. So, you can't blame me...since you agreed to the terms. Just curious, but what would have you made me done if I lost?" It was a random change in subject, but he wondered if the boy had anything planned out.
"Kiss Corvus," he said with a little laugh, shrugging - though it caused him to almost fall. He slid around the last corner to the library, racing for the door and sincerely hoping his luck held.

Of course, he'd want to run back, too, because he couldn't imagine walking back in his boxers. Yikes.
The response caught Kaden off guard and he slowed he run, but shook off the feeling. He gave a slight laugh, mostly out of nervousness. "Looks like you did it. I take it that you are running back, as well?"
"You bet I am," he replied with a grin before he turned to run back toward the lower commons, a little faster than he'd run toward the library ... though he was panting by the time he was halfway back.
Kaden turned and followed after Alex, but not running as fast, because he had grown tired. "I'll catch up," he said slowing down to a quick walk.
"Sure," he called back over his shoulder before he ducked around a corner. Once he reached the lower commons, he ducked inside, laughing as he staggered toward his pile of clothing.

"Have fun?" Corvus asked, glancing over to him with a little grin.

"Tons," he replied breathlessly as he pulled his pants back on.
A couple minutes later, Kaden entered the lower commons. "Well, that was interesting..." he said slightly of breath. "You should have tagged along, Corvus." He smirked and then found a seat near Corvus.
"Nuh-uh," Cor said. "The couch is comfortable. Running is not. So you can see the dilemma," he pointed out before he yawned, stretching. "Besides, it's warm in here."

Alex grinned as he pulled his shirt back on, though he didn't bother buttoning it. He played with his tie as he sat in one of the chairs to finish catching his breath.
Kaden glanced at Alex, and addressed him. "Since you were such a good, would you like me to do the 'dare' you had in mind?" He purposely didn't say the details, since Corvus was nearby. He wasn't quite sure if he'd be comfortable, but it was really the only thing he could do in return.
Alex wasn't really sure how to answer that, but he figured if Kaden really didn't want to do it, he wouldn't have brought it up, right? And if it was all Alex's idea, then ... Kaden could point that out if Corvus had an issue.

Honestly, he didn't think Corvus would. "Yeah. You want me to hold him down for you?"

Corvus quirked a brow, wondering if he was about to be hexed or sat on or something. "Is this something I need to leave the room for?"

March 2008

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