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gilted_effigy in hp_reflected

Valentine's Day - What a Waste

Who: Jacob, Corvus, and others, open
Where: Lower commons
When: Thursday, after dinner

Status: Completed
Summary: A group of boys alone in the lower commons decide to try to play some games. Autumn makes a brief appearance, but decides to leave when they break out the exploding snap cards. Kaden inadvertently comes out to Corvus while they're walking to go get the aforementioned snap cards. Logan walks Autumn to the library, and Autumn decides she likes the Beauxbatons champion better than the Durmstrang one. When Alex and Kaden engage in a game of chess with the stipulation that the loser has to preform a dare, Alex has to run to the library in his boxers. Upon their return, Kaden offers to complete Alex's proposed dare for him, and he kisses Corvus before the party breaks up and the boys retreat to their given rooms.

Jake kind of wondered how much of a refuge the lower commons would actually be. How many of the couples, really, were going to actually pay attention to the signs on the door and in the common rooms?

He'd been pleased to see the sign - he was kind of getting really sick of that French couple that was always snogging in their common room. Didn't they have anything better to do?

Either way, he made his way in with a stack of books after dinner. He noticed a few other people there, and he announced: "you all damn well better be single," before he sat down on one of the couches.

"Why?" Corvus inquired from where he was sprawled across an armchair. "You looking for some lovin' Flint?" He grinned and waggled his brows at Jacob.

"Not from you, Corner," Jake shot back, but he grinned, too. He'd always thought that Corvus should've been a Slytherin, but ... well, he was a 'puff. Jake still thought he was an okay guy. "But speaking of lovin', you haven't noticed anyone snogging in here, have you?"

"I haven't been looking," Corvus quipped with a grin. "But so far, no."

"Good," Jake decided, settling in to do some homework. Or ... think about doing homework, anyway.


Kaden didn't look at Corvus, but responded, "You're pretty good yourself." Then the nervous boy turned to Alex, for a moment, before taking a seat. "So...what do you guys want to do now...or should we just call it 'quits'?"
"Yeah, I don't think anyone else is going to show up, and we are free of our hostly duties," he teased a little, but didn't move from where he was seated yet - in case they changed their minds.

"I dunno about you, but I'm having a nap," Corvus said, grinning as he shifted to resettle on the couch, getting comfortable.
"I think I've had enough...um...excitement for the night. Besides, I have to shower and stuff, still." Kaden figured that the two would be fine without him, if they intended to stay. "So, I guess that I will just catch you both, later...maybe..." He took his deck of 'exploding snap' and handed it to Alex. "Here...I'm sure you'll make better use of it."
"Thanks," he said, grinning to his friend. "See you 'round, Kay," he continued, the grin still in place as he shuffled through the cards.

"Later," Corvus said, draping his arm over his face again, closing his eyes. He doubted he'd really fall asleep here, but for the moment, it was warm and comfortable, and relatively quiet.

March 2008

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