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xthrough_glassx in hp_reflected

Gryffindor celebration~!

Who: Roxie, open to Gryffindor people.
Where: Gryffindor Commons.
When: After the match against 'puff.

Status: Complete.
Summary: Aisling and Roxie talk about the match, and are joined by Hugo, which Roxie goes into tormenting immediately about Meghan, and Cassi joins the conversation, and when she comes around, Roxie decides to find her foreign friend.

Roxie practically danced around the commons. They won. Which meant that they were just awesome.

Did the have a chance to win the cup this year?

No matter! They'd beaten 'puff. That's all that mattered. Well, right now at least.


Aisling was fairly well pleased with how the match had gone, and she liked to think she'd contributed, at least a little, to keeping the score tied. But the Hufflepuff team had played a very determined game, and they were easily as good as the Gryffindors.

Ais was pretty sure they'd just gotten a lucky break when Roxie found the snitch. But then again, in Quidditch, wasn't that usually what it all came down to?

Her dark brown gaze shifted to Roxie as she watched her, smiling. "Congratulations," she said quietly.
"C'mon, Aisling! You played just as well as the rest of us did. So, instead of just congratulating me, be happy for yourself, too." Roxie grinned.
"Oh, I know," she assured the other girl. "But you found the snitch," she pointed out with a little smile.

"It's too bad both teams couldn't win," she said thoughtfully. No one, in her mind, should have to be a loser - even though she understood it was the way of the world.
Roxie grinned, just letting it get to her head, just a little. Yes, she did catch the snitch didn't she? Oh, how she'd love to gloat about in James' face right now, but that would end with hexes. And she'd much rather avoid that.

She looked at Aisling and felt a small smile form on her lips. She was nice. Too nice to be in such a competitive sport. "I know. I hate playing against the other houses because I have family members scattered in all of them. Well, except in 'puff, I think," she laughed. "You'd think the Potters and the Weasley's are trying to take over the school."
With new people (and Roxie was still fairly new to her), Aisling had a tendency to take everything a little too literally. "Take over?" she asked curiously, but slowly, uncertainly. Maybe the girl was joking?

But there had been a bit of fuss with James a few months ago ... and Aisling eyed Roxie slightly. "How would they do that?"
"Uh. I don't know," Roxie looked to her left and then to her right. "I was just joking. If James and Hugo have some plot to do that, I have no clue. Honest."

She wouldn't ut it past the two of them to try something of the sort. Hopefully the rest of the family had the better set of genetics.
"Oh," Aisling said, relaxing a little. "I don't know about it either," she decided, then furrowed her brow a little. Was Hugo in the exploration club? She thought he might be; his friends were. "We're finding secret passages," she blurted kind of randomly. "Maybe that's how they plan to do it?"

She'd somehow forgotten there wasn't actually a plot in the works.
Roxie tilted her head. "Finding secret passages? Hugo and James involved? Hah, I think they're on some weird quest. James has been babbling about Merlin's Beard for quite some time now."
"Oh, not James," she hurried to correct her. "I mean, not that I know of. He hasn't been at any of the meetings," she continued. "It's mostly ..." Aisling gestured vaguely. "Younger kids. I'm the oldest one there."
"They need someone older with them to make sure they don't get into any trouble," she murmured and shook her head. "And to make sure they don't get hurt."
"I don't think they'd get hurt," Aisling mused. "Unless it was a trap secret passage," she continued. "But the school wouldn't have any like that, would it?"
"I hope not. But if James has found them first and catches wind of what they're doing, he may hex them. Not to hurt the kids, of course, just... something to say 'haha! I was here first!'." She shrugged and sat down, pulling her hair up into a bun.
"Maybe," she said doubtfully. She didn't believe James would hex a bunch of innocent first and second years but ... then again, she didn't really know.
Hugo came bouncing in and grinned at the two. "You two were great! I thought the badgers were gonna beat us, but, nope! We pulled through. Like always."

Roxie snerked at her cousin and shook her head, suddenly wanted to know more about the secret passage thing. But, she chose to tease him instead. "So, why don't you find your girlfriend and tell her we're sorry that her house lost?"

Hugo sat down beside Roxie and motioned for Aisling to join them if she wanted. "She's not my girlfriend! And she doesn't care. I don't think, at least."
"Hey, Hugo," Aisling offered with a little smile. She moved to settle into a chair across from them and listened to their conversation. "I'm sure she cares," she contributed to their conversation. "At least a little."
"Okay, she may just a little. I'll go talk to her later, I guess," he looked at his lap, staring at his nails.

"Aw, why, Hugo, I think you have your first crush," Roxie grinned, teasing her younger cousin.

"I do not!" He pouted and crossed his arms. "My family seeks to do nothing but torment me," he gave Aisling a "help me" look.
Aisling just smiled at Hugo, then shrugged helplessly.

Cassi had made a side trip to console her brother, but eventually she wound her way back to the Gryffindor tower. She smiled to the gathered people, waved to Ais and Hugo, and sat down near enough that she could be included in the conversation, but not so close that she was invading the conversation.
"Cassi! You can help me!" He gave a pout to her. "She's picking on me about Meghan. You don't think she's upset that we beat her House, do you?"

Roxie shook her head and gave a wave to them. "I'm going to find Irylen. Just try not to get cooties or something," she gave a teasing wink to Hugo. "After all, I know how you hate shots."

Hugo opened his mouth to yell back, but decided to cross his arms and continue pouting. "So not fair."
"I don't think it really matters to her," Cassi said, shrugging a little. "But congrats," she said with a smile to Aisling.

"Thanks," she said quietly before she waved to Roxie. "See you," she offered.

March 2008

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