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gilted_effigy in hp_reflected

The First Task

Who: Champions
When: Saturday, March 1st
Where: Quidditch Pitch

Status: In progress
Summary: To follow

A cloaking spell hid the interior of the pitch from the curious gazes of the spectators. Inside, some heavy landscaping had been done. The combined efforts of the professors had created a minature forest's edge inside the pitch. At one end was a stone cave - the objective. The champions would enter at the opposite end, and the battle of wits (as it were) would begin.

The chimaera was awake, and it was angry. Three heads - one caprine, one draconic, and one leonine - were lifted. Nostrils flared, scenting the air. Claws dug at the earth as it paced back and forth in front of the cave. Within the cave were three ... things ... that it felt belonged to it. Venomous tailtip whipped back and forth through the air before the leonine head roared a warning to any who would dare approach.

Inside the cave, the animated stuffed toys waddled and wobbled back and forth, occasionally bumping into each other. The goat toy was meant for the Beauxbatons champion. The lion was for Hogwarts, and the dragon-formed one was for Durmstrang. Each champion would only be able to remove the toy meant for him or her, and none of the others.

When the stands were settled, when the champions were ready, the professors dropped the cloaking spell.

For a moment there was silence before someone in the stands spotted the objective and pointed excitedly.

The first task was ready to begin.


At the far end of the pitch, Antonius drew open the door, and gestured to all three of the champions. "Good luck," he said with a little smile. He expected to have to explain that they were meant to work together, if they didn't figure it out on their own first.


As Logan had stood on the newly reformed pitch, he couldn't help but wonder what the crowd had been pointing at. For a moment he couldn't help but think, Maybe I should have accepted Tristan's help. However, it was much to late for that and he definitely couldn't ask the boy now.

Before doing anything else, he turned to the other two. "I wish you bozz zeh best of luck." He then turned his attention to the "forest," with his wand in hand. He wasn't going to take any chances. For a moment, he contemplated turning to the girl and saying, 'Ladies, first,' but he felt it was slightly uncalled for. Focus, Logan, he scolded to himself. As he began to walk into the pitch, he turned to Antonius and nodded (in a 'thank you for the luck' kind of way).

March 2008

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